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They Made It Happen! (Vol 1)

Brian and PJ Made It Happen!

I first became aware of Brian Fried on LinkedIn as I searched for a keynote speaker for the first Make It Happen Networking Event. I had reached out to several people in the business community but to no avail as they either could not attend on that date or failed to respond altogether.

On this quest, I turned to LinkedIn as I have often heard in trainings and seminars that the platform was an effective networking landscape with connections made simply by messaging people. I figured I had nothing to lose and only the most to gain.

I searched for speakers in the New York area and quickly came across Brian Fried. I noticed, like me, he was an inventor who specialized in educating people about the inventing process. Was it fate or the LinkedIn algorithm? We may never know but when I looked over Brian’s profile, I knew he would be the perfect speaker. I didn't hesitate, I sent him a professional message explaining the reason I was contacting him and invited him to be our keynote speaker. To my surprise, Brian responded within minutes! He humbly thanked me for reaching out but would have to arrange another time to speak as he was attending a conference for the next few days. A man of his word, a few days later, Brian called me to graciously accept the invitation!

We Made It Happen Part 1

Brian’s address to the emerging Make It Happen (MIH) network was nothing short of amazing. He provided detailed information about the process of inventing new products and bringing them to market through licensing deals with companies that pay royalties. These companies take care of the manufacturing and distribution of products. Brian has successfully licensed 10 products that are in national circulation through large distributors such as Target, Walmart, and QVC. Many in the network were intrigued; asking questions to get clarity on how this all works. Brian graciously answered all the questions sharing insider knowledge that people would normally have to pay large sums to learn. It was beyond informative; it was enlightening and impactful. Following the event, MIH network members shared that the information provided would definitely help them along their journey to success.

We Made It Happen Part 2

Brian and I spoke a few days after the event. We thanked each other for the shared valuable experience. Many in the network expressed interest in his services for inventors.

After chatting a bit, Brian shared that his organization, National Inventor Club (NIC), would be touring the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. He informed me that it was one of the perks that NIC members enjoyed but I was welcomed to attend as an honorary member. I was elated! It certainly was an opportunity of a lifetime. Tours like this don’t happen every day. As a matter of fact, this was the first time the USPTO hosted an inventor club or organization like NIC. Normally, they host large institutions and international groups that want to learn about the American patent system. It was a special event, and it was everything I expected and so much more.

We toured the entire facility and received information on resources that the USPTO has for inventors. From a hotline with retired patent examiners that are available to answer questions to a special website portal to conduct targeted research of the patent database; both extremely valuable tools, especially for new inventors like me. It was truly an incredible experience and NIC now has a new official member!

We definitely made it happen!!

Visit to learn more about his products and services.

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