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Smart Money University (SMU) is a learning institution designed to educate, empower and support individuals along their success path. 

What is

Smart Money?

Smart money works for you. There are opportunities including grants and programs designed to assist people on their journey to success. With knowledge and the drive to apply it, anyone can work smarter and not harder.

Why doesn't everyone know about smart money opportunities?

The programs are there for those who seek it. For those in the know, these programs have been around forever- or at least the mechanism for them to exist- and they utilized heavily by certain groups that have been in the know for generations. We are now in the age of information and it is now easier than ever to stay informed!

How can people win by attending Smart Money University?

Learning, applying and sharing the tools taught at SMU will ensure access to smart money generating opportunities. With a team of dedicated professionals that provide concrete support, students will have all the necessary tools accomplish their goals and obtain financial security.

Can everyone win?

Great question. Everyone can win because these programs, opportunities and knowledge are available for anyone who wants to apply themselves and work smart. There is no limit to how many people can benefit or succeed.

We Support

Smart Money University supports communities with a variety of resources. We work to provide relevant, effective programming and opportunities. We pledge to continue to connect those in need of support with the tools, information, and skills to secure and maintain success! 

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