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Alkaline Lifestyle Business Basics

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6 Weeks - 12 Hours (2h/week)

Alkaline Lifestyle Business Basics

Brother Rojo

Rupert Knights, aka Brother Rojo, founder and CEO of Powerful Pioneers & I Say Wellness is an Alkaline Vegan Chef, Health and Wellness Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Marketing Specialist, Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Community Educator and recording artist. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Panama, his journey began with his passion for music which was inspired by his aunt La Atrevida aka Rude Girl, who was signed to Columbia Records as a recording artist. She then decided to go into business with the family and established the Knights Foundation, where Rojo gained insight about the music industry.

Rojo began to showcase his talent in the mid-'90s at various locations like Lincoln Theater, Harlem Week, Botanical Garden, Brooklyn Cable Television (BCAT), etc. In the year of 2000, Rojo and his aunt Rude Girl established an independent entertainment company called New York Demolition, helping many artists pursue musical careers. Rojo positioned himself as one of the great voices of hip hop today.

Spearing from the creation of his infamous debut album, The Journey of a Powerful Pioneer, came the birth of his organization. The Powerful Pioneer Networking Organization has opened doorways for many, especially Brother Rojo. Furthering his humanitarian work, he stands firm in the belief that true health is wealth and that it takes a village to restore & enhance the community. Brother Rojo has partnered with various businesses and entrepreneurs, which has enabled him to bring empowering, informative, inspirational and entertaining services, and resources to uplift families and communities across the globe.

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